This month we are taking fashion horoscopes to new, uncharted territory- prints! If you peruse Pinterest on the reg (we know you do) you see all these beautiful outfits styled to perfection with different prints. You may not feel runway ready to rock a head-to-toe look, but we’ve pulled some wearable options to match your horoscopes. Don’t worry, these looks won’t take you back to 1990 cheetah print self, but they will leave you feeling fierce.

April 20 to May 20

It’s your time to shine, Taurus! This is finally the month that will shake you out of your rut and give you a brand new trajectory. Take a risk — you don’t have to follow all the Bulls who have come before you. You can lead a whole new herd to greener pastures if that’s what you want to do. Mars will be in your house of ambition for a while just to inspire you to do something worthy of attention. You may want to check if your image and reputation is at odds with who you actually are. Ask yourself: Are you recognized by the deeds you do and the resources you have? It might be time to combine the person you are with the impression you hope to leave with others.

Print of the month: Foliage. This print is easy to add to your wardrobe for work or play. Sport the look at the office with a pencil skirt, or catching rays at the pool.

May 21 to June 20

“Going inward” isn’t usually the direction that Gemini energy flows. Your sign has a million different interests and curiosities, so you typically aim for breadth instead of depth. Why get lost in the weeds at the bottom of the ocean when you could be swimming in sunlight shafts with dolphins and mermaids? High-minded Uranus will plunge into Taurus and your spiritual, subconscious twelfth house, awakening a sense of adventure in the deepest regions of your being. Your creativity could soar to new heights, along with your intuition.

Print of the Month: Watercolor. Okay, so watercolor isn’t exactly a true print, but this season watercolor fabrics and designs are being seen more and more. As you take on adventures, these prints will be perfect for guiding you through any challenges.

June 21 to July 22

Your tagline isn’t “No New Friends,” Cancer — it’s the reverse. This month you deserve to seek out new groups, organizations, and even some new hopes and wishes for the future Cancer. Why shouldn’t you? You’ve been working nonstop on your relationships and that’s sometimes a drag, so why not pursue new bonds that light you up from the inside out? Don’t be afraid to get involved with new people just to see what comes out of it.

Print of the Month: Color Block. As you fill up your social calendar, pops of bright and fun colors will help your inner confidence radiate through.

July 23 to August 22

If you’ve been chasing a dream of success for years on end, Leo, Uranus entering your house of career and reputation may throw all of that work in the trash. Don’t panic — this could be a great thing. After weeks of contemplating what you believe in and how to make it work on a practical level, Uranus may give you the eureka moment you’ve been looking for. When this shift happens, you could realize that you want more than just the usual fame, fortune, and security.

Print of the Month: Geometric. As you focus on your hustle and reaching for those dreams, geometric prints are the perfect mix of girly and bold that can take your look for day to night in flash.

August 23 to September 22

Perspective shifts like this could lead you to pursue brand new hobbies, spiritual practices, or travel in order to discover the “truth.” On a practical level, you get to decide how this exploration reorganizes your everyday life and whether or not you will use what you’ve learned to give back through your creative work. Mars will lend you a hand by reminding you that what you do and how you act is a direct representation of you, so whatever truth you take on, be sure you can give it your stamp of approval before presenting it to the world at large.

Print of the Month: Gingham. As you work towards discovering yourself, why not try a new print? Gingham is making a huge comeback, and it is becoming a more sophisticated look. Whether it’s shorts, tops, or even a dress, the options are endless.

September 23 to October 22

Ready for an emotional adventure, Libra? 

As a sign that orients itself around being in partnership with others, the change and insight that accompany this transit could provide you with a nearly psychic understanding of why people do the things they do and why you do the same. For you, Libra, it’s about understanding that the balance you seek is based on opposing forces: light and dark, life and death, the “good” and the “bad.” Uranus may encourage you to break free of the constraints that have stopped you from exploring in the dark. It’s in the dark that great wisdom is found.

Print of the Month: Ditsies. As you take some time ti reflect on yourself and those around you, ditsies are an easy way to style a look effortlessly. You may not have heard the term, but trust me, I know you have some ditsie print in your closet. It basically means micro prints, or very small prints!

October 23 to November 21

“What is love? / Baby, don’t hurt me no more.” That doesn’t have to be your new theme song, Scorpio, but it may feel appropriate when Uranus enters your house of partnership on the 15th. Uranus is the planet of sudden beginnings and endings, so if your relationships with others suddenly become a bit unstable, know that Uranus is simply doing his work. The point is to get you to think about your relationships in a new way. Are you clinging to monogamy because it’s what you know, but not necessarily what you need? Do you believe that there’s only one way to partner with other people whether romantically, in business, or with your friends?

Print of the Month: Floral. No matter what is happening with your love life, or your friend goals, floral print anything will have you in good spirits. Whimsical, romantic, and prefect for summer!

November 22 to December 21

Mind over matter, Sagittarius — that’s the name of the game when Uranus gets into the mix on the 15th. Let’s confirm what we already know: You’re talented, qualified, and hardworking. Your challenge is to get yourself to believe those things (and flaunt your strengths). Now settle into believing in yourself and creating routines that support that notion. That means giving yourself enough time to do things, maybe going to bed on time, eating three full meals a day, exercising, having down time for yourself, the whole shebang. Your inner world creates the outer world, and you definitely want a healthy version of both.

Print of the Month: Ikat. Sometimes associated with boho or beachy, Ikat comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to wear, and find this season!

December 22 to January 19

Time to put the idea that Sea Goats aren’t any fun to rest. You are, Cap — you’ve just always chose to pursue your fun with such seriousness that it turns into your career or money making venture. Express yourself just for the hell of it, because it’s fun. Fall in love then fall out of love with the same person. Dig into your imagination and create just for the sake of it. These exercises will fuel your self-esteem and identity.

Print of the Month: Abstract. I know, abstract doesn’t seem like a print- but it is bold and fun, just like you! As you go out pursuing adventure, this print will match up to all of your creative activities.

January 20 to February 18

You’ve always stood out, Water Bearer, but now it’s truly time to step out on your own. Uranus, your ruling planet, is entering your house of home and family. This influence can manifest in a few ways. You may physically move from your home, to a new place that suits your needs better. Or, on a deeper level, you may decide that the domestic and familial roots you’ve laid don’t fit you anymore. The physical move may be the easier of the two outcomes, but realizing that you’ve changed isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It could just mean that you need to search for a family unit that resonates with your particular blend of unique.

Print of the Month: Ombre. As you move into possible changes, ombre is the perfect match. A gradual change in hue perfectly pairs with the gradual changes you could be making in your life. Remember, you’ve got this!

February 19 to March 20

This month, you’ll discover that the world is very different, Pisces — or at least you’ll start perceiving it differently. Uranus entering your house of mind will have you feeling even more intuitive than usual, with sudden insights popping into your head without knowing where they came from. Don’t worry about it, just trust and be open to the changes your mind is undergoing.

Print of the Month: Seersucker. As you broaden your horizons mentally and emotionally, why not re-think the way you perceive seersucker prints. When styled correctly, they go from something you wore as a child to your new go-to look!

March 21 to April 19

You start out the month fairly quietly, until Mercury in your sign makes one last stand against Mars in your house of career and reputation on May 12. This will tie up that irritable mega boss saga you endured during Mercury’s retrograde in March, so consider it another chance to put your words into action without causing a power struggle within yourself or those around you. Remember, you’re the boss now. You’re get to decide what authority looks like in your life.

Print of the Month: Chambray. Chambray is one of the easiest prints to find this season and it is no longer just a shirt! We are seeing dresses, skirts, and even jumpsuits in this print. The possibilities are endless!

No Matter what style you choose for the beginning of summer, you are beautiful and try stepping out of your fashion comfort zone!


Team Punch!




This is your friendly PSA that Mother’s day is Sunday, May 13th. We know you love your Mama, so we created a few gift guides to help you plan out Mom’s special day. Whether you you need a quick pick-up or plan on stopping in – Brunch then Punch style – we have some ideas for you.




We hope these gift guides help you find the perfect way to say “I love you” to your Momma. And to all of our mom shoppers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!


Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Security or freedom? This April, the planets are gathering in two contrasting corners of your chart, and you’ll need to obey both calls. Should you simply go with what’s right in front of you and make it work—the “turning lemons into lemonade” approach? Or should you keep digging for other options before just settling on Plan A? Tough call… and even tougher for a dualistic sign like yours.

Since you’re turning lemons into lemonade, Meadowlark is going to be your color for Spring! Never thought you would rock yellow? Start with smaller pieces like shoes or a handbag and build up from there!

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Come out and play or stay in your cocoon? You’ll need to dip in and out of the public scene this month, as the planets gather in two contrasting camps. The Sun, Mercury and Uranus are in Aries and your social third house, which will spark synergies and fill your calendar with lively invitations. But Mars, Saturn and Pluto are hunkered down in Capricorn and your hidden twelfth house, exerting a strong pull for you to slip off the grid or dive into some healing inner work. Strike a healthy balance, leaving room for analyzing AND imagination.

Subtle yet fun is what color you should lean towards this Spring, and that color is Blooming Dahlia. The perfect mix of coral with pastel touches works for both your carefree days at home, and your nights out on the town.


Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Fly free, or get closer? You’ll be tugged between autonomy and intimacy as the planets crowd into two contrasting camps this April. This may force you to juggle the dueling desires to tend to family obligations and to “do you.” You might also vacillate between bursts of can-do energy and periods when you just need to rest or escape into a creative cocoon. Loved ones could clamor for your wisdom and support, but set clear limits so you don’t end up overburdened with their responsibilities. A solo project could heat up and, with Mars boosting your mojo, you’ll magnetize some ardent fans and admirers with little effort. Enjoy the celestial swagger that your exalted ruler bestows upon you!

It sounds like you will want to have some stand-out looks available this month! Cherry Tomato is the perfect combination of bold and fierce to get you through whatever this month brings.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Passion or practicality? You’ll get a heaping helping of both this April, as the planets gather in two contrasting corners of your chart. Packed into the fun-loving camp are the Sun, Mercury and Uranus, which are traveling through Aries and your expressive, “carpe diem” fifth house. But it won’t be easy to ignore your ticker and all its temptations. The Sun remains in Aries until April 19, igniting your passionate fifth house of romance and joie de vivre. This is one of your annual hedonistic cycles, and it will be hard to resist indulging your every whim and want. Treat yourself—you’ve earned it!

Because the power of passion will be fueling you this month, Chili Oil is the perfect color to add to your wardrobe. Undertones of red make pieces in this color practical and sultry. It is also a color that will carry over into fall, so you can get multiple seasons of wear!

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Lean in or expand? You’re tugged in dueling directions this April, as the stars cluster into two camps: one pushing for growth and adventure, the other demanding attention to detail. At times this might feel like one step forward, two steps back. But ideally, you’ll come to find the balance between blue-sky dreaming and pragmatic planning, as well as a way to turn your visionary ideas into a viable reality.

Talk about a go-getter! As you conquer the world, Pink Lavender is the color for you! The flirty side of pink mixed with the power of purple is the perfect combo for accessories, makeup, and clothes.

Libra Monthly Horoscope

What about YOU, Libra? In April, you’re tugged between so many people’s needs it feels like you’ll never please them all… much less catch a minute for yourself. The planets are clustering in your opposite sign, Aries, which rules your partnership sector, and in Capricorn, governess of your domestic fourth house. That’s a lot of activity with family, home and relationships to navigate all at once—even for your people-loving sign!

Show yourself a little love by showering yourself in Almost Mauve. It’s all about beauty and letting yourself shine. Almost Mauve is a versatile color that can be great on its on, or mixed with other colors or prints.


Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Hibernate or celebrate? You’ll be pulled between dueling desires for privacy and live-out-loud expression this month, as the planets cluster into two distinct sectors of your chart. Mars, Saturn and Pluto are holding a cosmic confab in Capricorn, which governs your passionate fifth house. Hello, spring awakening! With randy Mars here, your wild side is having a coming-out party, although structured Saturn could temper that a bit. All the same, don’t be surprised when your theatrical streak emerges—or you start turning heads without trying.

It sounds like you will be the center of attention this month, and so is Lime Punch! Not quite a yellow, and not a green, this alluring color draws attention.

Leo Monthly Horoscope

Expansion, contraction: April could feel like a continuous balancing act as a passel of planets crowd into two signs, spotlighting contrasting areas of your chart. The Sun, Mercury and Uranus are in Aries, which rules your ninth house of growth and adventure. Especially while the Sun is here until April 19, you’ll feel a tingling urge to take a leap of faith and explore new possibilities. As a Leo, you really love the idea of doing something big and bold. Most times, you’re an immediate “yes!”

Big and Bold! The color of the year, Ultra Violet is definitely the color for you this month. You can spice up your look with accent pieces like cute statement earrings or make a bolder statement with Ultra Violet pants!

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Goals, interrupted? This month’s starry lineup pulls you in two dueling directions, as the planets crowd into both your career sector and your relationship house, then proceed to compete for your attention.  April could shower you with professional opportunities, thanks to the Sun’s annual visit to Aries and your tenth house of ambition, long-term goals and public image. With el Sol at the top of your chart, you’ve got your eye on some rather specific aims, and you’d be wise to carve out focused time for those. Hang a “Do not disturb” sign and plop yourself into a distraction-free zone where you can be left alone to get things DONE.

April brings power to your goals, and so will Emperador! Don’t let this brown fool you, almost every in-style look this season has some element of this color. From jackets, to lips, to full on ensembles, Emperador will definitely assist in your goal seeking.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Come out and play or hibernate a little longer? You could be pulled between dueling desires for a vibrant social life and some time off the grid. As a Gemini, you’re no stranger to such contrasts. You might barely even notice when you swing between intensity and detachment—though your loved ones and colleagues may complain of whiplash. This month’s starmap will illuminate your outgoing eleventh house (ruled by Aries) and your intimate eighth house (ruled by Capricorn). You need people AND privacy in equal doses. Go spend time in the middle of the action, working the crowds and posting up a storm on social media—but then retreat to your secret cave to shake off all the energy you’ve absorbed and get stuff done without distractions!

Spring Crocus is a mix of classic Spring purple, but with a new energetic influence of pink and red tones. As you work on balancing your life, this color palette will compliment whatever activities you do!

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Spring forward or fall back? Your life could resemble the classic Daylight Savings Time rule this month. For the first three weeks of April, the planets pull you in dueling directions of nonstop expansion and you’ll feel a serious need to rest. There’s an undercurrent of exciting growth in the air, finished off with top notes of good old-fashioned fatigue. If you feel the irresistible call of Egyptian cotton sheets and your down comforter, the cosmos grants you a couple more weeks of hibernation.

Blue is a color of serenity, so Little Boy Blue is the color for you this month. It’s classic and beautiful- perfectly matched. As you recharge your batteries, use pieces in this color to also revamp your look and still feel confident.

Aries Monthly Horoscope

All hail the radiant Ram! It’s Aries season—meaning the Sun is making its annual sojourn through your sign until April 19—and you should be feeling in your element. Not only is it birthday time for you, Aries; it’s an annual reset in astrology, as you start your “solar return” and begin another journey around the Sun. Where would you like to make a fresh start? Which brilliant brainstorms do you want to put into action?

Happy birthday Aries! As you celebrate you this month, the regal Arcadia will be the perfect color addition to your already glowing look.  It’s a Spring take on the royal green, and you will see lots of pieces in this color all through the season.

As you play with colors this month, remember, the only thing that really makes an outfit shine is YOU.



For the last few years, Baltimore has been a little bit brighter in April. Wondering why? It’s Light City, a festival of light, music and innovation! This years’ Light City Baltimore will be held from Friday April 6th through Saturday April 21st.

Light City is the nation’s first free large-scale light, music and innovation festival powering social change. The theme for 2018 is “More Love, More Lights!” This year, Light City expands to three weekends with Neighborhood Lights April 6-8, the Light City art and music festival April 14-21 and the Labs@LightCity social innovation conference April 18-21. Twenty-one light art installations will be on display around Baltimore’s waterfront, and more can be found in 14 neighborhoods throughout Baltimore during Neighborhood Lights. For more information, follow this link to the Visit Baltimore website: 

Federal Hill Light City Kickoff is Friday April 6th with the following events:

  • Business and Bars showcase window displays, offer deals, and other fun activities
  • Parade @ 7pm
  • Afterparty concert @ 8:30pm at Cross Street

At Punch, we never miss a celebration! We will be joining in the Light City festivities with an in-store party from 6-8pm. Local artist, Sarah Alexander, will be doing a special window display for us and we will be unveiling it during the party! In addition, we will have cocktails, photo ops, giveaways AND 15% off the entire store. We can’t wait to see you there!


B.Y.O.B Build Your Own Basket

Everybody likes an Easter basket. Whether you are making one for a friend, a family member, or yourself- these baskets are anything but ordinary. Use these fun new takes on the traditional basket to inspire you to BOYB!

Don’t let the bunny ears and Easter eggs fool you, this basket is anything but ordinary. A plethora of Sugarfina treats including Champagne Bubbles along with a Baltimore favorite, Mouth Party Caramels, make this a decadent delight for anyone.
Products: Mouth Party OMG | Pink Bunny Tails | Ice Cream Cones | Champagne Bubbles | Vanilla Caramel Spoons (In store only)
Taco ’bout a good time! This is a new take on a “basket” by using this adorable tortilla serving sombrero as the vessel for all the goodies instead of the regular basket. This “basket” is a mix of all things, tacos, tequila, and of course, cactus!
Everyone needs some liquid therapy in the form of rose! This is a true stretch on the term “basket” however this tote is just too cute and it still holds all the goodies shown here.
Products: Rose All Day Tote | Rose All Day Napkins | Sugarfina Rose All Day | Liquid Therapy Glass (In Store Only) | Angry Orchard Rose Cider (available pretty much everywhere)
When life gives you lemons- you make lemonade (or a really cute Easter basket!) We are all wishing for warmer weather and this basket will bring some Spring cheer to anyone who receives it.
Products: Lemon Bowl | Lemon Shot Class Set | Lemon Bag Set | High Ball Lemon Glasses | Bug You Candle (In Store Only)
Thanks for joining us on this BYOB journey of creative Easter Baskets. Happy Easter!

Spring 2018 Style with Shoptini

Over the past few weeks if you have stopped in Punch (which you obviously have), or have seen our Insta feed, then you have heard us refer to Magic. We did go to Vegas, but we didn’t learn any card tricks. Magic is a fashion convention that happens twice a year, and it is where we get to see lines from hundreds of vendors and pick items we want to bring into the store! We spend days combing through everything trying to find you the best quality pieces that are cute and will win you the title of Brunch Queen this Spring.

To help us navigate these Spring trends, we have enlisted the help of two Baltimore based bloggers, Coffee Stained Lace and Shoptini. This will be a two part series in which Sydney and Kristi will answer questions and complete mock challenges to help us learn how to style the following Spring 2018 trends. Up first is Kristi!



Q: How would you describe your style?

In one word….Personal! I love Rachel Zoe’s quote “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak a word.” And I whole heartedly believe this! I am not just one thing, but rather a beautifully chaotic combination of girl boss, wife, mother, daughter, sister, stylist, friend and much more. As I cannot be defined by one thing, neither can my style. Style is personal and unique but it is also artistic.  The art is in the way you style your look to express who you are. For me, it’s usually representative of my current mood.  I love to experiment and play with all types of fashion. Trends come and go but your style is what always remains. How you creatively express who you are by styling pieces that might be timeless, classic, wild, sexy, chic, pretty, relaxed, comfy, feminine, and fierce are all a personal preference based on you. Somedays I mix and match styles, prints and textures, other days I’m simple with jeans and a tee. But more often than not you can find me put together in some version of a dress. My goal as a stylist is to inspire others through my personal style to take chances and try new looks in hopes that they might find their own style and have some fun along the way!


Q: We just got back from Magic, a buy trip in Vegas for Spring, and one trend we saw everywhere, and our customers requested were sets. What is your ideal set to wear as a fashionista, and what should women who have never worn sets before keep in mind when trying to embrace this trend?

Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme all the sets you’ve got! I LOVE sets! I have ever since I was a little girl! I used to wear this purple sweater skirt set and was obsessed… I would have worn it every day if my Mom would’ve allowed. The reason why I think I love sets so much is because I totally enjoy some matchy matchy style! I believe some have an aversion to sets because of the potential to show a little skin. While this can certainly be a concern there are plenty of different types of sets available that minimize exposing a lot of skin or areas where one may feel a bit uncomfortable showing. When looking to add sets to my collection I usually look for skirt/top combinations. Long skirts, short skirts, fitted or loose I love them all! If you’re looking to take a little risk and try a set look, I suggest finding one close to your current “comfort zone”. If you typically wear looser clothing, then try a set with a flowy pant/top combo or long maxi/top look. If you would like to cover your midriff area you could find a short/tunic top set.  There are a lot of options available for wearing sets. Another thing I love about sets is that you actually don’t have to always wear them as a set! When you buy a set you are potentially purchasing three looks!!!! If you’re able to find items in your current wardrobe to compliment the set then you can coordinate a separate look for both the top and bottom while of course being able wear the set as you bought it. See, three looks there! I can’t wait to check out all the spring sets available this season!


Q: Typically, we are used to seeing pearls just as jewelry. This winter they started showing up as embellishments on sweaters. For spring, we are seeing it on clothing, accessories, shoes, etc.…What are your fav ways to work this trend into your look for Spring? 

I enjoy wearing pearls and tend to do so in a traditional way. When I see pearls I think Classic and Feminine. I love pairing them with dresses (of course, I pair everything with dresses) blazers and denim. I am looking forward to trying new ways to style the pearl trend this spring.  I’m kind of hoping pearl accessories collide with the funky sneaker/slide trend.  How cute would a pair of leather or camo slides with pearl accents be?!?!!!


Q: Spring usually has us gravitating towards bright and bold colors that carry us into summer.  At Magic we were seeing a ton of pastel colors. Do you like this trend? What pieces are good to buy as pastels, and which should we avoid in terms of versatility and longevity?  

Pretty Pastels? Sign me up!  I’ve been wearing pastels in spring for years and I’m glad to see it’s on trend for this spring.  One of the happiest seasons is spring.  Most are excited to pack away their winter sweaters and scarves only to break out their open toed shoes and warmer weather wardrobes. Spring is the start of wedding season and typically a timeframe where fun celebrations occur like bridal showers, baby showers, graduations, Easter, and Mother’s Day.  When attending these as a guest or as the one being honored, you want to feel happy! Wearing pastels can help. Pastels are pretty and exude classy femininity.  When you look good and feel pretty, you’re happy!  When you’re happy you will feel pretty.  Throw some pastels into the happy/pretty circle and you’ve got the perfect combination! The only downfall to pastels is that you most likely haven’t had a chance to build your summer glow, in which case I recommend a spray tan.

I mentioned earlier that fashion comes and goes, but typically trends seem to last around three years. You may want to keep this in mind when adding trendy items to your collection. When I consider fashion or trend items, I consider the investment and how likely the piece is to outlive the trend. When referring to pastels I believe dresses, tops and handbags are easy adds for the season but will be able to be worn for years to come. I would be mindful of not adding too many pastel pants and jackets to one’s collection.  My favorite pastel colors are mint and blush… crossing my fingers they will be in the pastel mix this spring!


Q: Stripes: A love/Hate story. Many people either love or hate stripes. Which team do you fall on? Do you have any stripes in your closet? What pieces do you have? 

Straight up Stripe Lover over here! Vertical, Horizontal, Thick, Thin, on my clothing, in my hair, or on my feet, I don’t discriminate! Stripes always grab my attention and I love to style them! I have an array of stripes in my collection that run the gamut from dresses to tops, purses to shoes, and even jewelry!  I know the love/hate relationship is very real for others. I think it’s because there are so many variations and ways to wear stripes. This can be extremely overwhelming and I can see where most may tend to avoid stripes all together. The key is TLC… TRY, LEARN, AND COORDINATE. Trying on stripe pieces that catch your eye, learning which stripes compliment your figure, and coordinating accessories appropriately. When I’m wearing soft colored or feminine stripes I prefer to keep the look soft and on occasion pop a color accessory. If the stripes are thick, bright and attention grabbing I keep my other accessories to a minimum. Because stripes are usually the dominate piece in one’s look, I believe it’s important not to over stylize your look. If you’re wearing a bold stripe keep the accessories and other attention grabbing pieces to a minimum.



Brunch date with the girls at a local Fed Hill establishment. What from the Spring trends would you outfit yourself in?

I am looking forward to spring for so many reasons. The flowers bloom, the weather is warmer, and everyone finally comes out of hibernation!  It’s about this time when my gal pals and I start booking our calendars full of Sunday Funday brunch dates! When I think about my spring brunch style I usually will pull together a fun set, or pair a cool top with white denim. If you’re into breaking rules like me, you might wear white denim all year long! A cute striped top or pretty pastel paired with white denim is a classy spring look that’s perfect for brunch with your besties!


A friend wants your help picking out a two-piece set for a weekend get together with friends. She’s never worn a two-piece set before. What are some examples of sets you would suggest to her?

One of my favorite things about styling friends or clients is when they are open to trying new styles and then their reaction to when they love what they tried. Two piece sets are fun because they are different from the traditional ways to dress, but they can be a bit intimidating. If you are interested in trying a two piece for the first time I would suggest finding a two piece that is close to your current style. I believe the hesitation on trying two pieces comes from certain areas of skin being exposed. In this case I would suggest finding two pieces that minimize the skin exposure. You could find a set where the top silhouette is longer or a high waisted bottom. If tight/loose or long/short are your preference there are plenty of two piece set options out there just for you! Here are a few that I think would be a great way to try out a two piece set for the first time.


Your friend is a teacher and wants to wear the pearl trend but can’t be over glam because she works with kids. What accessories would you have her try?

We are going to see the pearl trend styled in a variety of ways this spring from super glam to simply sophisticated. If you are interested in trying this trend but need to be a bit subtle because of your profession or preference, there are options for you! Consider a fun sandal or slide with pearl embellishments.  Even a tote or clutch would be a great way to accessorize your looks with some pretty pearls.


We want to say a BIG thank you to Kristi for guiding us through these fashion trends, and sharing herself with us! Stay tuned to Thursday’s blog as Coffee Stained Lace takes on our Spring styles.


cydneyHey there!

I’m Cydney, the think tank behind Punch!

My fascination with retail began at a young age, growing up with a mom in the industry opened up my eyes to the excitement & creativity this business had to offer.

My dream was to become a fashion designer, I would be the hottest thing to ever hit runway, ya ok! In the halls of my high school hung a picture of designer Cynthia Rowley, a famous alum. That photo served as my after school inspiration to start creating my vision. I would spend hours designing the concept for my store and attempt (key word) to learn to sew…I was well on my way!

After getting my degree in merchandising it was suggested that I should look into buying. Ewww yuck, math, no thanks! My favorite line still to this day is, “I would never be a buyer.” Boy was I wrong!! Next thing I knew I had an opportunity to work my way into corporate retail at a chain called Charming Charlie. Three years later, I was a Buyer…yep! I absolutely loved it (well most of it;)

I discovered that my true love was assortment building and brand development. One of the biggest satisfactions in my career is seeing a vision come to life on the retail floor, it is beyond thrilling and my true calling!

With that said, why not do the same thing with my future brand?!? So bred this blog! I thought this would be an amazing opportunity to share the vision & watch it come to life, step by step.



Favorite Things

Galentine’s DIY: Prickly Edition

Another year, another Galentine’s day. Some of you reading this love Valentine’s day, and others prefer to take part in National Singles Awareness Day. That is why this easy DIY is perfect for you and your ladies. Anyone can do this- whether you are team No Pricks Allowed or team My Life Would Succ Without You.


This DIY can be as easy or as crafty as you want. We made the ones pictured above, however, there are plenty of easy options on Pinterest. At some local plant stores or hardware stores, you can buy the succulents already in a terra cotta pot- excellent- just put some gold paint on the pot and call it a day.



If you want to create one of the versions we did which are a little less expensive, your planters are cleaned out old candles. Burn those babies all year long, but save the cute ones! Once cleaned out, they can be used as cute bathroom organizers or candy dishes.




  • Finished candle or jar
  • Succulent(s)
  • Toothpick or Wood Swizzle Stick
  • Extra dirt or sand
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Succulent Free Printable
  • Glass of wine (optional)

 Step 1: Clean out the candle.

There are two schools of thought here. Some people prefer to run really hot water over the remaining wax and wick in the candle. Throw in a little dawn soap and with a little elbow grease everything should wipe right out. Method two involves putting the candle in the freezer for 30-40 minutes. Too long and it gets too hard. Once you take it out of the freezer, use a spoon and it will literally pop right out. Usually, all in one chunk. We recommend still cleaning it out to make sure it looks pretty, especially if the candle jar is clear or translucent.

Step 2: Put in plant

Okay ladies, this is where we have to have the safety talk. Believe it or not, Succulents are soooo cute and adorable and small. But those prickly parts are no joke. If you are attempting this DIY with no previous DIY experience, keep it in the little plastic pot it came in and plop that sucker directly into a small cleaned out candle jar. If you choose this method, skip the rest of what I am about to say and go directly to Step 3 (sorry no $200 for passing go).

If you are still with us, it means you are ready to replace Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper. Put some soil or sand in the bottom of the cleaned out candle jar. How much depends on how big your jar it. I used just under 2 inches of sand in my version. Gently squeeze the plastic pot the succulent is in, and turn it sideways. This should help you in grabbing the soil part of the plant without having touch the prickly parts. I used three succulents of varying shapes and sizes for the size candle I had. You can choose however many you want- you are the boss of you own DIY. Top it off with some soil and added sand for decoration. Voila! You’re done the hard part!

Step 3: Cute signage

The final step! You made it! Your test is not over yet. You have to cut out two of those adorable free printable circles linked above- yes I said circle. If you are using a wood kabob stick or swizzle stick, use your scissors and cut it in half. Make two donut circles with the tape and put them on the back of one of the circles. If you don’t know what a tape donut is, then go youtube it- that is a separate DIY. Place the top of the wooden stick on the tape. Make two more donut tape circles and place them on top of the wooden stick. Lastly, place the second on top of the tape with the writing facing you.

Thanks for sticking with us for this easy and affordable DIY. If you don’t have a crafty bone in your body, Champagne Bears also make great Galentine’s gifts.  If you want to ignore the holiday all together because someone broke your heart, then here’s an easy valentine for them:

XOXO from all of us at Punch!


Pisces Monthly Horoscope

(February 19 – March 20)

As the month kicks off you could feel a surge of pressure to “do, do, do” and a flurry of demanding duties. Your health may be in the spotlight, and with a bold eclipse at play, you could have gotten doctor’s orders (or internal motivation) to make a major lifestyle change. Stress, boredom and overwhelm, begone! If you’re going to live a healthy and vibrant life, you need Team Pisces to be at its best.
It sounds like you will be on the go this month, whether accomplishing your fitness goals, or other life goals. A cute and comfortable workout outfit is the perfect thing for you. It doesn’t matter if your budget is Lululemon or Target, there are always cute ways to style leggings.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

(January 20 – February 18)

It’s Aquarius season and the world is abuzz with novel ideas and an air of individuality. The Sun is in your sign until February 18, making these peak weeks for your personal goals and independent pursuits and begging the question: What do you want to accomplish in 2018? In the first half of February, get clear on who you are, how you show up in the world and how to best use your gifts. Where can your unique contributions leave a meaningful mark?
This month is all about loving YOU and your individuality. Your outfit of the month is a new take on the power suit. A high waisted pant with classic cuffed shirt or event a v neck tee is the perfect power-to-play outfit. From a meeting for business to a meeting with friends or perhaps a love, this outfit will have you feeling confident.

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

(December 22 – January 19)

And so it’s against this bold and befuddling backdrop that the shortest month of the year begins. Simplifying is the name of the game now. Identify your top three priorities and focus your attention there. Handle the nuts and bolts of life by nailing down a schedule, tweaking your monthly budget and getting back into a routine. A methodical approach will serve you well, though you’ll need to remain flexible since eclipses can demand sudden adjustments.
Casual Chic is the name of the fashion game this month. Spring will bring lots of new trends, so focus on the ones you currently love. A ruffle sleeve, a cotton dress, or even jeans and a subtle heel will help you feel grounded and sexy throughout the month.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

(November 22 – December 21)

Is it time to plan an epic trip or pull out the stops and go after something on your bucket list? This eclipse sets your sights on a creative new course, filling you with can-do energy and optimism. Instead of backing away or shutting down your lofty plans, talk your ideas through with people. Brainstorm, negotiate, crowdsource some advice—’tis the season to gather information and break those dreams down into sensible steps.

It looks like this month you might be jet-setting! You will need the perfect travel outfit for all of your adventures. Channel that inner optimism and energy into making February great- and look great while doing it. Joggers, a jean jacket, or an oversized cardi are all good choices to take you from the plane to the streets looking chic.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

(October 23 – November 21)

With lucky Jupiter in your sign until November, you’re already feeling the push to be more assertive, daring and visible. This recent eclipse, in showy Leo, is demanding that you step into your power. You’ve earned the right to lead or command respect, and there’s no need to hide. The public wants what you’re offering! You could get your own version of an Oscar nod—a month before the celebs traipse down the red carpet for THEIR Academy Awards, to boot!

Wow! It sounds like glamour is going to be your fashion theme this month! A stylish Jumpsuit might be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Trust me, rocking this look down your red carpet will leave you feeling confident and gorgeous! There are plenty of ways to rock a jumpsuit that is casual or formal. Step out of your comfort zone!


Libra Monthly Horoscope

(September 23 – October 22)

As you enter February, you’ll feel shifts—in fact, they might still be unfolding in the first few days, if not all month long. The eclipse could herald a major moment for a team or collaboration, or important changes in your friend circle. Maybe you’ll decide to team up with your crew on a world-changing or artistic mission. Since the eleventh house rules technology, an online venture could go viral or catapult you into widespread recognition.

This month calls for pops of color. You may be spending more time in front of the computer, or with large groups, so stand out with some beautiful color additions to your wardrobe. Mother nature hasn’t decided if its going to warm or cold, so play her at her own game and start adding those spring hues to your looks in a subtle way.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope

(August 23 – September 22)

The sixth house rules health, and if you haven’t gotten your 2018 wellness plans underway, this month motivates you. The eclipse inspires fresh practices that balance your mind, body and soul. Whether it’s an epic decluttering session or finally resigning from that soul-sucking volunteer post, clear the space for life-affirming commitments that fire you up. Keep your antennae up during the eclipse for savvy superstars who can help you run the Virgo Empire like a well-oiled machine!

Way to go getting things done this month! Since you are on top of your fitness AND life goals this month, jeans are going to be your best friend. With all the different styles in fashion this season, you have plenty to choose from. There are high waisted, distressed, skinny, dark, acid wash, etc. to choose from. The options are endless! Style them however makes you feel at your best!

Leo Monthly Horoscope

(July 23 – August 22)

As February begins, you’ll be feeling waves of this most recent eclipse for days—or even weeks! You may be feeling an undeniable call to change your whole approach to life—anything from your career path to your attitude to your appearance. The spotlight could summon, and you might be offered a starring role or prominent post. A solo project can attract public attention. You may also realize that a chapter of your life is D-O-N-E and that you’re ready to move on to the next phase. Hello, decision day!

It sounds like New Year, New You is spilling into February! As you continue to kick ass this year, a good day to night look is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Pull out your flirty top, cute jacket, or off the shoulder top and get ready for the fun this month will bring!

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

(June 21 – July 22)

Money, security and the ties that bind: Those will be top of mind as February begins. Eclipses can bring dramatic, 180-degree changes—ones that you’ll continue to feel all month long (and then some!). This divine disruption could have swept in with a surprising job shift, an unexpected expense or a money-making opportunity from left field. Have you been wracked by scarcity fears and old anxieties? Now it’s time to start looking at financial and emotional security through an empowered new lens.


Shopping on a budget? No problem! (Okay we know it’s not that easy). You can take pieces from your closet and add accessories or a new hair style to the look and make it feel new! Start by working towards your capsule wardrobe so you have a good foundation to work with. The graphic below from Flip and Style shows you the pieces you need to make your capsule wardrobe.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

(May 21 – June 20)

Do your ideas have staying power? As February begins, you could be lit up with inspiration and the drive to go bigger. A casual conversation or a brainstorming session can swiftly become a genius collaboration. Eclipses often come with upheavals or a strong directive to take action NOW. The flurry of action could feel frantic—but you’re a Gemini, and this hyperkinetic energy might just be your preferred state!

As you focus on your hustle, don’t forget to also focus on yourself! Maybe you have some fun Vday plans with the girls or a night out with a date? Whether it is casual or upscale chic, make sure you’ve got a killer look for the 14th.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

(April 20 – May 20)

Order in the Taurus court? That’s what you’re after as the Sun makes its annual rounds through Aquarius and your ambitious, structured tenth house until February 18. But as focused as you may be on a supersized goal, you can’t ignore your emotions. And why would you want to, anyway? While feelings may not be facts, they can still offer important guidance when you tune in to the right ones.

It sounds like you are in need of some good old fashioned me time. Being cozy and comfy doesn’t mean you have to wear baggy sweatpants and a tee. You can feel good and feel pretty as you get some much needed R&R. Try silky pjs, cute slippers, and graphic tees to round out your restful look.


Aries Monthly Horoscope

(March 21 – April 19)

February begins with extra swagger, and that’s not a bad thing. Maybe you had a spotlight moment, like your fellow Ram Mariah Carey, who redeemed her tarnished rep with a New Year’s Eve comeback performance—and a demand for hot tea heard ’round the world. Or perhaps tea was spilled, not sipped, as you poured your heart out with a shocking declaration. With Leo ruling your love house, Cupid’s arrow struck some Rams a couple weeks early thanks to the eclipse. You could be swooning and spooning your way into the Month of Amour!

Oh la la! February is shaking out to be the month of romance! Rather than focus on a date outfit for one special day, try spreading those blush tones and hot looks all throughout the month! Whether you prefer a cardi, a dress, or possible some blush toned pants, you will look your best when you feel your best so don’t forget that beautiful smile.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate this month, you are beautiful and loved!

Horoscope synopsis from Elle Magazine
Fashion Horoscopes provided by Punch!